Category: Photogrammetry

Turntable Photogrammetry

(Originally published 3/29/2021) My initial attempts at photogrammetry used the walk-around method with mixed results. Still I kept at it, because the consensus on the web seemed to be that photogrammetry done with the turntable method–i.e., using images taken from a fixed location with an object rotating on a turntable–could be effective but challenging. The […]

Photogrammetry Software Experiment

(Originally published 12/11/20) For my first photogrammetry “experiment,” I quickly tried out several options for free photogrammetry software—3DF Zephyr (Free), Autodesk ReCap Photo, 3D Regard, and Meshroom—along with one $5 iOS app, Trnio. For each, I used the same set of 32 images of a deer antler.  3DF Zephyr Free Windows only — Free desktop software, […]